Status Quo

The Wanderer |E|

by: Rudi

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The Wanderer
Status Quo

Oh well I'm the type of guy who would never settle down

Where pretty girls are, well you know that I'm around,
I kiss them and hug them cause to me they're all the same.
I hug them and squeeze them they don't even know my name...

                   H                   A                E     H7
They call me the wanderer, oh yeah the wanderer, I roam around.

Well now there's Flo on my left arm there's Mary on my right
And Janie is the girl that I'm dateing tonight
And when she asks me which one that I love the best
I'll tear open my shirt and show her Rosie on my chest...

                   H                   A                E     H7
They call me the wanderer, oh yeah the wanderer, I roam around.
           H                      A      E     H
Oh well I roam from town to town, I go thru life without a care
A    E      H                        C#m                  F7           H7
And I m as happy as a clown with my two fists of iron but I m going nowhere!

Oh well I m the type of guy that likes to roam around
I m never in one place, I go from town to town and when I find myself
Falling for a girl I hop into that car of mine and go around the world.

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