Chuck Berry

Big Boys, 2017.

by: Rudi

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BIG BOYS Chuck Berry 2017.

Intro:   C C F C G C
When I was just a little boy like you

I wanted to do things the big boys do
Wherever they went you knew they wouldn't let me go
And I got suspicious and I wanted to know
I was bright in school but my future looked dim
'Cause the big boys wouldn't let me party with them
   Yes, yes, I didn't cry

   Yes, yes, And you know why
   Yes, yes, I knew when and what
   Yes, yes, No if's, ands, or buts
   ... I was looking for joy
   Yes, yes, yes, yes

   When I was little bitty boy

All of the big girls with their to
And I asked them what's happening, nobody knew
But when I found out where, what, when, and why
I didn't let a single week pass by
Till the school dance when I first met you
And I learned to party like the big boys do

If I would have known what makes a world go 'round
I would have known what goes up must come down
If you love me like I love you
Mademoiselle, je vous aime, voulez-vous?
The girls want to stay and the boys want to play
So let's a-rock and roll till the break of day
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