Rolling Stones

Gonna Drive

by: Danijel

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  I got itchy fingers I got muddy feat
  And my mind is wandering in the state of heat
  My head is swimming it's full of lies
  Tired of spending time to give you alibies

  I need open spaces to clear my head
  And to clear a few on the road ahead
  Need to fill my tank and take the car
  Fix the air condition or I'm gonna park

  I'm gonna drive
  I'm gonna drive
  To the edge of this-a world

  I see a fire disaster and hurricane
  And sad-eyed people and dirty trains
  And battered suitcase and crying kids
  And resignation and how life is
  And easy money and wildlife flows
  And pretty pictures and singing folks
  And double dealers and take-the-crap fishin'
  And murdered daughters and thrown on the back

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