Alice In Chains

Alone (Akordi)


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Pregledano 1778 puta
Pregledano 3365 puta
Pregledano 1588 puta
Pregledano 1933 puta
Pregledano 3063 puta
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Em           G                     Asus2          C
It's been a long day at the bottom of the hill
Em G             Asus2  G
She died of a broken heart
She told me I was livin' in the past
Drinkin' from a broken glass

Em G   Asus2  C
I'm alone
(I never want to be alone)
Em G   Asus2  C
Now I
(Now I turn to face the cold)

I'm alone
(I never want to be alone)
Now I
(Now I wanna turn to travel home)

I walked down the other end today
Just to catch those last few rays
I held out my hand and slowly waved goodbye
I turned now, my eyes up to the sky


*Guitar solo*

She'll come back to me
She'll come back to me
All alone in this misery
She'll come back to me

I held out my hands into the light and I watched it die
I know that I was part to play
My time, my time to die
And never want to spend my life alone

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