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by: Vkitor

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Uvod: H,e

The grass is always greener in neighbour’s court-yard

I wish to leave this nightmare,go to a promised land

Please, take me to your leader

I want my green card

I want to fly over like a rocket from the Balkans
I want to start all over and turn a new page

Forget this dreadful story,escape the stone age

I’m waiting for a chance to get out of the cage
I feel like a slave on a minimal wage

  H              a           H
I am from Bosnia,take me to America
                     a         H
I really want to see Statue of Liberty
                     a          H
I can no longer wait,take me to Unites States
                        a       H
Take me to Golden Gate, I will assimilate

                 a          H
One day when you reach the end
                 a     H
One day you will understand
e                C        H
One day back to roots my friend
                a      H
No place like a motherland

H, pa e i sve se ponavlja

I hoped i’ll find what I need,I’ll be free like a bird

Now we’re pushed in a ghetto like the sheep in a herd

All the promises I heard became empty words

Completely disconnected from the rest of the world

The grass is never greener in neighbour’s court-yard

I want to start all over return to no man’s land

Send greetings to your leader,don’t want your green card

I want to fly back like a rocket to the Balkans
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